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The mission of CaliforniaVolunteers is to increase the number and impact of Californians engaged in service and volunteering. One area of focus is disaster preparedness.

CaliforniaVolunteers is the lead oversight agency for the California Citizen Corps Program, which was created post 9/11 to coordinate volunteer activities to make our communities safer, stronger and better prepared to respond to any emergency. CaliforniaVolunteers ensures the coordination of volunteer activities related to disaster response and recovery, including necessary training, equipment, and transportation provisions. CaliforniaVolunteers also manages donations to the state for disaster relief.

The California Citizen Corps Program includes Citizen Corps Councils, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Medical Reserve Corps, Neighborhood Watch, Volunteers in Police Service and Fire Corps. In partnership with the Governor's Office of Emergency Services, the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security, Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster and other state and local organizations, CaliforniaVolunteers works to strengthen the state’s readiness for and ability to respond to large-scale disasters.

WE Prepare

CaliforniaVolunteers educates Californians about the need to prepare for disasters that may strike our state. Whether they are natural – floods, fires and earthquakes – or man-made disasters, we all must have a disaster plan that includes our family, friends and neighbors.

Since 1950, 255 states of emergency have been proclaimed in California. And since 1989, there have been 27 major declared disasters. Although these numbers are staggering, statistics show that less than half of Californians have a disaster plan.

CaliforniaVolunteers created a disaster preparedness pilot program in the greater Los Angeles area to encourage moms to prepare their families for disaster. CaliforniaVolunteers received a federal grant from the Office of Homeland Security for this pilot program. The initiative encourages moms to go online, identify their risk, develop a family disaster plan, practice their plan and prepare their children for disaster.

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